Perfect Hindsight: Living Through ADHD, ODD & Food Allergy

Perfect Hindsight: Living Through ADHD, ODD & Food Allergy

Gaining perspective on tough child behavior

I don’t want to act like this. I don’t think this food is serving me.

This was the body intuition my son developed as the began to understand how different foods affected his mood. What a dream! He looks back on his experience, six years after diagnosis, and shares his insights from the tween perspective. I also talk about how my view of this journey has shifted as I gained more training on ADHD, ODD and food allergies.

This is part three of our backstory and how our ADHD and ODD diagnoses shifted dramatically as we uncovered food allergy as the root cause of my son’s poor behavior. This is also the story of how Thrive Inside Nutrition began and the passion that drives me to help children with focus, mood and anxiety problems.

If our story resonates with you, I’d love to connect! My mission is to uncover the cause of anxiety, poor focus, and mood problems in children and teens so that they can showcase their true selves. There IS hope!

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