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Hi, there! I’m Emily.

I am a licensed integrative nutritionist who helps children struggling with attention and anxiety to feel focused and confident. I engage the whole family in making changes in food choices and lifestyle habits that are catered to their specific needs, which results in amazing shifts in mood, behavior and overall health – for the kids and their parents!
Read more about my personal story and my approach to your health HERE.

Do you see your kids struggling with mood, behavior or focus? 

Are you looking for natural solutions, but feeling defeated by the results?

My most common client complaints:

attention or focus problems


trouble sleeping

behavior challenges


allergy or sensitivities

frequent congestion



brain fog

Are you sick of combing through internet articles and trying to figure it out on your own?

I would love to help!

Client relationships are the heart of my practice. I am personally invested in your success and well-being.
Araminta M.

Araminta M.

University Educator

“I felt very empowered by this experience. In fact, this experience with Emily has given me a sense of agency and power over my health that I hadn’t thought was possible before. I’m really, really pleased I had this opportunity.”

Rosalyn S.

Rosalyn S.

General Manager

“I didn’t feel like I was being dictated to as has happened in the past with other practitioners. I feel that I am in a positive mindset and have the right tools now to move forward.”

Jen H.

Jen H.

School Transportation

“Emily did a phenomenal job by genuinely caring about my needs, concerns, desires, and challenges. She helped me set realistic goals. I feel comfortable discussing concerns in the future without fear of judgment, whether I have reached my goals or not.”

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