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The journey to health & wellness is both personal and collaborative. Client relationships are the heart of my practice. I am personally invested in your success and well-being.
Araminta M.

Araminta M.

University Educator

“I felt very empowered by this experience. In fact, this experience with Emily has given me a sense of agency and power over my health that I hadn’t thought was possible before. I’m really, really pleased I had this opportunity.”

Rosalyn S.

Rosalyn S.

General Manager

“I didn’t feel like I was being dictated to as has happened in the past with other practitioners. I feel that I am in a positive mindset and have the right tools now to move forward.”

Jen H.

Jen H.

School Transportation

“Emily did a phenomenal job by genuinely caring about my needs, concerns, desires, and challenges. She helped me set realistic goals. I feel comfortable discussing concerns in the future without fear of judgment, whether I have reached my goals or not.”

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